At Shaya Lab, we believe we have an inherent right and responsibility to restore the mind and body to its natural state. That’s why we’ve developed high-quality, American-made, hemp-derived phytonutrient rich extract that fits nicely into your daily routine. Through our dedication to providing safe products that have significant medical benefits and our passion for helping others access a healthy lifestyle, we remain committed to achieving our vision of bringing balance to your everyday life.

Shaya Lab was born out of a strong desire to help you eliminate stress from the inside out. In a world that perpetuates tough working conditions, fast-paced lifestyles, and exhausting success rates, striving individuals are expected to overachieve even when they’re feeling low. Our hemp extract will return your body to its natural state, so it’s performing at optimal levels, leading to a healthier, happier you.

Our cannabis compound is manufactured in the US and derived from hemp grown locally in Colorado. Whether your stress is associated with the competitive corporate culture or you’re simply genetically predisposed to anxiety, depression or other disorders, our phytonutrient rich hemp extract products will recalibrate your system and eliminate outside pressures.

Join us in shifting the view around hemp oil; join us in improving your wellbeing.